Battery Rack

Each battery rack is composed of one high voltage control box and a number of industrial/commercial battery modules in series, which are fixed on the bracket. The battery rack management system (BCMS) inside the high voltage control box performs data acquisition/analysis and monitoring of the battery rack through battery management units (BMUs) in each module, and also performs switch protection of the main circuit of the battery rack. By paralleling battery racks via combiner boxes, larger battery storage systems can be built such as industrial/commercial battery storage systems and utility scale battery storage systems.

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Battery Type

The battery default capacity is 75Ah, with a range of 20Ah to 120Ah. The standard voltage is 24/48V.


Our household battery module series includes a set of two 51.2V / 75Ah standardized battery packs and a battery management system (the number of standardized energy storage modules can be grouped with a custom range between 1 to 7). It offers a maximum capacity of 25.2kWh and can be adjusted to fit specified hybrid inverters and energy storage inverters.


Each one of our battery modules is grouped by several single cells with parallel connection, which consists of a BMU, collective wiring harness, busbar, NTC, and separator. Our battery module uses the combined technologies of ultrasonic and laser welding that has high stability and a 12-year lifecycle.


High system integration, long life cycle, modular and scalable design. Application: Home/commercial energy storage system, an internet database center, a power system for EV, etc.