Battery Module

With high energy density, our battery modules are lightweight, compact, and adaptable to different temperatures. The highly flexible, layered design is exclusive to our LiFePO4 cell, making it ideal for the modules to be easily maintained and customized to meet your individual needs.


The Firefly battery module is the first-generation 48V battery module, which adopts a flexible modular and cable-free design. A set of Firefly battery modules can connect up to 4 sets of 3.6kWh battery layers in parallel, with a capacity of 3.6kWh~14.4kWh; By using up to 3 sets of Firefly battery modules in parallel, the capacity can be configured at 3.6kWh intervals from 3.6kWh to a maximum of 43.2kWh. (Coming soon)

Firefly Pro

The Firefly pro battery module is a new generation of battery module. It also uses flexible modular and cable-free design, but has been carefully optimized and increased high-voltage and low-voltage compatible designs to meet the needs of more applications. A set of Firefly pro HV battery modules can be connected in series with 4~7 sets of 3.84kWh battery layers, with a capacity of 15.36kWh~26.88kWh; a set of Firefly pro LV battery modules can be connected in parallel with 1~4 sets of 3.84kWh battery layers , The capacity is 3.84kWh~15.36kWh.

Firefly Eco

Firefly eco battery module is design to work with Firefly eco energy storage cabinets, high cabinet and low cabinet according to the battery module connection modes. Low cabinet supports 1~4 modules of 48V/3.6kWh battery modules in parallel connection with energy of 3.6~14.4kWh. High cabinet supports 4~8 layers of 48V/3.6kWh battery modules connected in series with energy of 14.4~28.8kWh.

Firefly IC

Firefly ic battery module is design to work with industrial/commercial battery racks. It is a building block for industrial/commercial and also utility scale battery storage applications.