Tecloman co-hosts the 8th China
International Energy Storage Conference

Supporting the smooth
transformation of China's energy
structure and building a clean,
low-carbon, safe, and efficient
modern energy system have
far-reaching positive significance

As confirmed by the Organizing Committee of the China International Energy Storage Conference, Tecloman decided to co-host 2018 “The 8th China International Energy Storage Conference” which will be held in Shenzhen from May 19 to May 21, 2018. The cooperation between the two parties aims to give full play to their respective advantages in resources and channels, form a joint force, and jointly promote the coordinated development of batteries and energy storage industries, and improve the integration of energy storage battery technologies and energy storage systems with industrial competitiveness.

The Energy Storage Conference aims to discuss in depth the management system, incentive policies and business models of energy storage project construction, accelerate the construction of energy storage commercial and demonstration projects, promote the construction of energy storage technology application standards, and strengthen the independent innovation of energy storage technologies.